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bSwitched Jewelry artisans, Terry and Bobbi, have been designing unique, artisan-style jewelry for more than two decades. During that time, we were always looking for a better way to clasp jewelry…something that was functional, easy-to-use and compliments the pieces that are designed with it.

After trying average magnetic clasps, while appreciating the ease of use, customers would complain that the magnetic clasps would fail to secure the jewelry and would attach itself to other metal objects encountered throughout the day.

This problem allowed us the opportunity to develop the patented bSecure Clasp that is secure and is only removed when you decide to release the clasp.

Since 2012, we’ve been designing and selling our unique jewelry designs at the Hall House Art Gallery in Dahlonega, GA. We’re now ready to let others enjoy the same ease of use and security that our customers have been enjoying for years.

Thank you for learning more about bSwitched Jewelry where you can always bUnique…bYOU!

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